Environmental Items

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Note to Parents:

Do not feel obliged to purchase all new stationery for 2021.

If your child still has any of the required items from previous years, please feel free to use them.
Please change the quantity of items not required to "0".
Double check that you do not order dictionaries, calculators etc. that you already have! 
Also check that you do not order the same item TWICE as some products are often repeated for different subjects! 
Where the ISBN number on your lists differs from ours, it is because we stock the LATEST EDITION of all the books and dictionaries. 
We reserve the right to substitute items with similar items (of the same or higher Rand value) when stock is not available on your ordered item. 
If you need your order to be DELIVERED to your HOME, you have to TICK the "HOME DELIVERY" BOX at the BOTTOM of your stationery list.