Order Your School Equipment and Stationery List

School Name or Suburb:

Hint: Start typing school name or suburb or school code and find your school.

Teachers and admin staff:
Please navigate to AA (PMB Demo School) to investigate the options available for displaying your online stationery requirement lists.
It is of the utmost importance that you email us your lists as soon as they are available (mentioning your preferred method of display), so that we can convert them to online lists without delay.
Please use pmbinfo@officenational.co.za

Only schools that have 2020 behind their names have updated 2020 stationery lists and are ready for ordering and quotes.
We are awaiting updated stationery lists from the other schools, please DO NOT USE CURRENT 2019 LISTS.
If you do not see a specific school listed, we might still be busy uploading the lists, please be patient!
(If you want to make sure that we will be loading your child's school - please send us an email on pmbinfo@officenational.co.za)



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